"The Past is never where you think you left it."

-Katherine Anne Porter

Our Story

Marjorie Baie – the artist – began jewelry making over two years ago after taking a beading course. She has designed numerous pieces and their nature has evolved into a much greater presence than she could have ever hoped for.


After being a frequent flea market visitor, her inspiration began to soar. She began taking parts from many different types of vintage artifacts to use in her jewelry. Soon after, each design began to reflect the stories and history of the people the pieces belonged to. Because most of the pieces are cast in resin, it could be said that their memory is forever preserved.


As time goes by, Marjorie continues to find new and inventive ways to design jewelry together with her husband Terry. As long as they continue to create, so will their designs continue to evolve.


Since we began, our jewelry has captivated the hearts of many people. Because we recylce antique jewelry and pieces, we preserve the memories of the people they belonged to.


Most of our jewelry is one of a kind. Contact us about how you can own one of our designs.

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